The impact wrought by organised crime and other serious criminal activity on NSW families and communities can be devastating. The continued operation of these criminal groups undermines the integrity of our criminal justice system, national security, and economy.

As the State’s peak criminal intelligence agency, the NSW Crime Commission (the Commission) is mandated with a clear and strong purpose: to create a safer NSW by reducing the incidences of organised and other serious crime.

The Commission uses its extraordinary statutory powers through coercive hearings and criminal asset confiscation to identify and disrupt organised crime networks. These powers are exercised with purpose, integrity, and the utmost legal discipline supported by strong internal controls and effective independent oversight mechanisms.

The Commission carries out its functions in a climate where organised crime groups operate in complex and sophisticated networks. These networks are broad in their reach, often having strong interstate and offshore links. In order to cause maximum disruption to these networks within NSW, we collaborate strongly with a wide range of partner agencies at State, Commonwealth and international levels.

Our greatest strength is our dedicated people, who put their diversity of skills and backgrounds to work for the benefit of NSW. Commission personnel hold themselves to the highest personal and professional standards and have a strong commitment to our stated values of Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Professionalism and Collaboration.

I am proud to lead this organisation.


Peter Cotter APM

Acting Commissioner