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The NSW Crime Commission does NOT investigate complaints about:

  • the NSW Police Force and/or its officers
  • other NSW and Commonwealth Government agencies
  • private organisations and individuals
  • reports of crime / suspicious behaviour.

Complete the below form ONLY if you have a complaint about the NSW Crime Commission and/or its officers.

The NSW Crime Commission will assess your complaint and make a decision as to what, if any, action can be taken. In some cases, we may contact you for more information. The NSW Crime Commission respects privacy and manages personal information carefully and in accordance with relevant legislation.

(You may remain anonymous however, the NSW Crime Commission will not be able to verify information you provide, obtain further information, or advise you of the outcome of the matter if you remain anonymous).
Are you making this complaint on behalf of someone else?
What happened? When did it occur? Where did it occur? Who was involved (if related to a Commission officer, please provide their title and/or name)?

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If you have contacted any other Government agencies about this matter, please select:
By submitting this complaint form I acknowledge that the information I have provided is, to the best of my knowledge, not false and/or misleading. (required)