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Wealth of dead gangster Mejid Hamzy confiscated

The estate of Mejid Hamzy has agreed to pay the State of NSW $1.4m to settle proceeds of crime confiscation proceedings brought by the NSW Crime Commission before Hamzy’s death that alleged he had profited from serious and organised crime.

Hamzy died on 19 October 2020 as a result of being shot numerous times outside his Condell Park home. Two men, Chris O’Brien and Bryce Williams, have been charged with the shooting but investigations into who commissioned the “hit”, thought to be part of an on-going organised crime network conflict, is continuing.

“Criminals should be aware that we will not allow their death to deter us from seeking to recover ill-gotten gains”, Crime Commissioner Michael Barnes said.

“Of course we regret that Hamzy’s widow and children will be worse off as a result of the proceedings but that is an unavoidable consequence of his building a life based on crime”.

The investigation conducted as part of the confiscation proceedings revealed that Hamzy had purchased real estate with $650,000 in cash, had put $350,000 in cash through his bank accounts and had attempted to launder more than $400,000 in cash through two people identified by police as having laundered millions of dollars of criminal proceeds on behalf of other criminals.  

On 6 July 2022 the NSW Supreme Court made orders finalising the proceedings reflecting the terms agreed by the representatives of Hamzy’s estate and the NSW Crime Commission.