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Retirement of the Commissioner

5 November 2017

Retirement of the Commissioner

Mr Peter Hastings QC officially retired after five years as the NSW Crime Commissioner on 4th November 2017.

Under his leadership the Crime Commission has undergone significant structural reform and been successful in disrupting criminal networks, seizing assets flowing from organised crime and assisting in counter terrorist operations.

Thanking Mr Hastings for his contribution Judge David Patten, Chair of the Commission’s Management Committee, said “Peter Hastings proved in my view to have all the qualities which the task before him required. He has kept the statutory obligation of the Commission to reduce the incidence of organised and other serious crime firmly in mind and there have been many successful investigations and assets of much value seized.

“In addition, Peter has overseen significant reform of governance and management and leaves the Commission well managed and governed, with an appropriate corporate structure  that is in every way a suitable repository for its very considerable powers.  For his exceptional service the community owes Peter Hastings a great debt.”

Peter Bodor QC has been appointed for a determined period as the new Commissioner.